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    • Anchoring in Experimental Asset Markets 

      Baghestanian, Sascha; Walker, Todd B. (2015-02-10)
      We investigate the relationship between anchoring and the emergence of bubbles in experimental asset markets. We show that setting a visual anchor at the fundamental value (FV) in the first period only is sufficient to ...
    • Compensation Schemes, Liquidity Provision, and Asset Prices: An Experimental Analysis 

      Baghestanian, Sascha; Gortner, Paul; Massenot, Baptiste (2015-06-01)
      In an experimental setting in which investors can entrust their money to traders, we investigate how compensation schemes affect liquidity provision and asset prices. Investors face a trade-off between risk and return. At ...
    • Peer Effects and Risk Sharing in Experimental Asset Markets 

      Baghestanian, Sascha; Gortner, Paul J.; van der Weele, Joël J. (2015-02-02)
      Previous research has documented strong peer effects in risk taking, but little is known about how such social influences affect market outcomes. Since the consequences of social interactions are hard to isolate in financial ...