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    • A Modern Take on Market Efficiency: The Impact of Trump’s Tweets on Financial Markets 

      Abdi, Farshid; Kormanyos, Emily; Pelizzon, Loriana; Getmansky, Mila; Simon, Zorka (2021-05-06)
      We focus on the role of social media as a high-frequency, unfiltered mass information transmission channel and how its use for government communication affects the aggregate stock markets. To measure this effect, we ...
    • A Quasi Real-Time Leading Indicator for the EU Industrial Production 

      Donadelli, Michael; Paradiso, Antonio; Riedel, Max (2016-01-04)
      We build a quasi real-time leading indicator (LI) for the EU industrial production (IP). Differently from previous studies, the technique developed in this paper gives rise to an ex-ante LI that is immune to “overlapping ...
    • A Tale of One Exchange and Two Order Books: Effects of Fragmentation in the Absence of Competition 

      Bernales, Alejandro; Garrido, Nicolás; Sagade, Satchit; Valenzuela, Marcela; Westheide, Christian (2018-10-01)
      Exchanges nowadays routinely operate multiple, almost identically structured limit order markets for the same security. We study the effects of such fragmentation on market performance using a dynamic model where agents ...
    • Amit Goyal 

      Unknown author
      We use the price-dividend ratio of the aggregate stock market provided on Amit Goyal’s webpage. 
    • Anchoring in Experimental Asset Markets 

      Baghestanian, Sascha; Walker, Todd B. (2015-02-10)
      We investigate the relationship between anchoring and the emergence of bubbles in experimental asset markets. We show that setting a visual anchor at the fundamental value (FV) in the first period only is sufficient to ...
    • Asset Prices in General Equilibrium with Recursive Utility and Illiquidity Induced by Transactions Costs 

      Buss, Adrian; Uppal, Raman; Vilkov, Grigory (2015-02-01)
      In this paper, we study the effect of proportional transaction costs on consumption-portfolio decisions and asset prices in a dynamic general equilibrium economy with a financial market that has a single-period bond and ...
    • Asset Pricing Under Uncertainty About Shock Propagation 

      Branger, Nicole; Grüning, Patrick; Kraft, Holger; Meinerding, Christoph (2014-03-25)
      We analyze the equilibrium in a two-tree (sector) economy with two regimes. The output of each tree is driven by a jump-diffusion process, and a downward jump in one sector of the economy can (but need not) trigger a shift ...
    • Austerity, Fiscal Uncertainty, and Economic Growth: Insights from Fiscally Weak EU Countries 

      Curatola, Giuliano; Donadelli, Michael; Gioffré, Alessandro; Grüning, Patrick (2014-08-08)
      Recent empirical evidence suggests that during the last years fiscally weak European countries significantly cut their R&D budgets in an effort to reduce their deficit, according to the spirit of the Fiscal Compact. We ...
    • BaFin 

      Unknown author
      Die Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (kurz: BaFin) ist eine rechtsfähige deutsche Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts des Bundes mit Sitz in Frankfurt am Main und Bonn.
    • BEA 

      Unknown author
      The Bureau of Economic Analysis produces economic accounts statistics that enable government and business decision-makers, researchers, and the American public to follow and understand the performance of the Nation's economy.
    • BEA NIPA 

      Unknown author
      BEA's national economic accounts provide a comprehensive picture of the U.S. economy and feature many macroeconomic statistics.
    • BEDOFIH 

      Unknown author
      The BEDOFIH database includes trades and orders with the highest frequency. BEDOFIH covers the most important European stock markets.
    • Belief Formation and Belief Updating under Ambiguity: Evidence from Experiments 

      Li, Wenhui; Wilde, Christian (2019-09-21)
      Decisions under ambiguity depend on both the belief regarding possible scenarios and the attitude towards ambiguity. This paper exclusively focuses on beliefs, measured independent from attitudes. We use laboratory experiments ...
    • Bloomberg 

      Unknown author
      Bloomberg offers a wide range of data on the world's leading public and private companies. Bloomberg database components includes: Stock price data, CDS and bond data, calculated ratios, financial accounts information; ...
    • BLS 

      Unknown author
      The Bureau of Labor Statistics measures labor market activity, working conditions, price changes, and productivity in the U.S. economy to support public and private decision making.
    • BoardEx Ltd 

      Unknown author
      BoardEx is the most comprehensive, highly accurate, continuously growing business leadership database. Covering more than 1.9 million public, private, and non-profit global organizations and the 1.3+M individuals that lead ...
    • Buildings' Energy Efficiency and the Probability of Mortgage Default: The Dutch Case 

      Billio, Monica; Costola, Michele; Pelizzon, Loriana; Riedel, Max (2020-03-01)
      We investigate the relation between buildings’ energy efficiency and the probability of mortgage default. To this end, we construct a novel panel dataset by combining Dutch loan-level mortgage information with provisional ...
    • Bundesbank 

      Unknown author
      The monetary, financial and foreign trade statistics compiled within the framework of the Bundesbank's statutory mandate as well as the comprehensive indicator sets and seasonally adjusted economic data comprise a broad ...
    • Call of duty: Designated market maker participation in call auctions 

      Theissen, Erik; Westheide, Christian (2021-08-21)
      Many equity markets combine continuous trading and call auctions. Oftentimes designated market makers (DMMs) supply additional liquidity. Whereas prior research has focused on their role in continuous trading, we provide ...
    • Capital IQ 

      Unknown author
      Capital IQ is the research division of Standard and Poor’s. It provides detailed research and analysis of the stock market to a variety of investing stakeholders. The web portal for Capital IQ’s products offers many powerful ...