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    • Client Involvement in Expert Advice: Antibiotics in Finance? 

      Hackethal, Andreas; Laudenbach, Christine; Meyer, Steffen; Weber, Annika (2018-07-23)
      We use minutes from 17,000 financial advisory sessions and corresponding client portfolio data to study how client involvement affects advisor recommendations and portfolio outcomes. We find that advisors confronted with ...
    • Consuming Dividends 

      Bräuer, Konstantin; Hackethal, Andreas; Hanspal, Tobin (2020-05-01)
      This paper studies why investors buy dividend-paying assets and how they time their consumption accordingly. We combine administrative bank data linking customers’ consumption transactions and income to detailed portfolio ...
    • Consumption and Wage Humps in a Life-Cycle Model with Education 

      Kraft, Holger; Munk, Claus; Seifried, Frank Thomas; Steffensen, Mogens (2015-02-24)
      The observed hump-shaped life-cycle pattern in individuals’ consumption cannot be explained by the classical consumption-savings model. The consensus explanation is that the hump is caused by constraints and unspanned ...
    • Consumption Habits and Humps 

      Kraft, Holger; Munk, Claus; Seifried, Frank Thomas; Wagner, Sebastian (2015-07-10)
      We show that the optimal consumption of an individual over the life cycle can have the hump shape (inverted U-shape) observed empirically if the preferences of the individual exhibit internal habit formation. In the absence ...
    • Consumption-Investment Problems with Stochastic Mortality Risk 

      Schendel, Lorenz S. (2014-03-03)
      I numerically solve realistically calibrated life cycle consumption-investment problems in continuous time featuring stochastic mortality risk driven by jumps, unspanned labor income as well as short-sale and liquidity ...
    • Consumption-Portfolio Choice with Preferences for Cash 

      Kraft, Holger; Weiss, Farina (2018-07-12)
      This paper studies a consumption-portfolio problem where money enters the agent's utility function. We solve the corresponding Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation and provide closed-form solutions for the optimal consumption ...
    • Control Thyself: Self-Control Failure and Household Wealth 

      Biljanovska, Nina; Palligkinis, Spyros (2014-10-09)
      We examine the relationship between household wealth and self-control. Although self-control has been linked to consumption and financial behavior, its measurement remains an open issue. We employ a definition of self-control ...
    • CoverTen 

      Unknown author
    • Critical Illness Insurance in Life Cycle Portfolio Problems 

      Schendel, Lorenz S. (2014-03-03)
      I analyze a critical illness insurance in a consumption-investment model over the life cycle. I solve a model with stochastic mortality risk and health shock risk numerically. These shocks are interpreted as critical illness ...
    • CRSP 

      Unknown author
      Our portfolio of stock, indexes, mutual fund, treasury, and REIT market databases is relied on by academicians whose research and publications must withstand rigorous analysis for accuracy. Quantitative analysts in the ...
    • Damodaran 

      Unknown author
      Welcome to my data page. This page contains links to almost everything you ever wanted to know about the data that is available on my site (and more). I have broken the page down into five constituent parts to make it more ...
    • Datastream 

      Unknown author
      Historical financial database with over 35 million individual instruments or indicators across all major asset classes, including 8.5 million active economic indicators. It features 70 years of data, across 175 countries ...
    • DCRS 

      Unknown author
      The Danish Civil Registration System (CPR) is a national register containing basic personal information on all who have a civil registration number.
    • Destatis 

      Unknown author
      The Federal Statistical Office is the institution to contact first for official data on the society, the economy, the environment and the state. We provide objective statistics that have been compiled in a neutral and ...
    • DHS 

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      The DNB Household Survey (DHS) offers a unique collection of data that allows the study of both psychological and economic aspects of financial behavior; a panel study among 2000 households that has been active since 1993. ...
    • DME 

      Unknown author
      see Statistics Denmark
    • DNBHS 

      Unknown author
      same with DHS above
    • Does feedback on personal investment success help? 

      Meyer, Steffen; Urban, Linda; Ahlswede, Sophie (2016-12-06)
      In a field study with more than 1.500 customers of an online-broker we test what happens when investors receive repeated feedback on their investment success in a monthly securities account report. The reports show investors’ ...
    • Does Mood Affect Trading Behavior? 

      Kaustia, Markku; Rantapuska, Elias (2012-11-09)
      We test whether investor mood affects trading with data on all stock market transactions in Finland, utilizing variation in daylight and local weather. We find some evidence that environmental mood variables (local weather, ...
    • Does Product Familiarity Matter for Participation? 

      Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola; Haliassos, Michael (2015-05-19)
      "Household access to financial products is often conditioned on previous use. However, banning access when learning is possible may be discriminatory or counterproductive. The ""experiment"" of German reunification ...